Swimming Pool Bandhavgarh National Park

GTV Resort Bandhavgarh have pool used mostly for exercise or recreation. GTV Resort has pool available for their guests to use at their leisure.
Resort has pool for physical exercise, recreational activities, leisure or party, pool is filled with clean water. Especially swimming pool is also used for children’s because resort has a Baby Swimming Pool.
Toys are available for children and other people to play with in pool water. They are blown up with air so they are soft but still reasonably rugged, and can float in water.
In the swimming pools, dress code is there. A swimsuit should be worn. For men, wearing ordinary shorts and a tee shirt to go in the water may be considered acceptable, but pools usually require real swim suits or other dedicated water wear. Swimming with regular clothes on is not only unhygienic but can potentially weigh a swimmer down should he or she need to be rescued. Entire board shorts are not allowed for hygienic reasons. Swim suits are sometimes worn doubled up (one brief inside another) in case the outer suit tears on impact with the water.



Chemical disinfectants, such as chlorine and bromine, are used to kill pathogens. Chemical sanitation produces high levels of disinfection. Sanitized swimming pool water can theoretically appear green.

Swimming Pool at GTV Resort Bandhavgarh National Park.
  • Swimming time:
  • Swimming time:
  • Swimming: 2 Times in a Day
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